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Navigation Map of the Republic of Belarus (Navigation Map) was created as part of the implementation of concept of the Unified System of Navigation and Time Support of the Republic of Belarus (US NTS).

The Navigation Map currently includes a map of the Republic of Belarus at a scale of 1:100,000 and maps of individual settlements at a scale of 1:10,000, including 117 towns, 83 urban-type villages and 579 rural settlements. The number of localities for which navigation maps are created is constantly growing, and the available information is updated and refined.

The navigation map is intended for:

  • solving navigation tasks of road transport;
  • application in information systems, geographic information systems that use the navigation resources of the US NVS; 
  • use in smart transportation systems, personal and monitoring vehicle navigation systems, including those using Internet resources;
  • integration and optimization of operation of existing and prospective navigation equipment and systems.


Navigation map contents

Navigation map consists of three main information blocks:

1. Cartographic base represents the converted digital topographic maps of scale 1:10,000 and 1:100,000, and digital topographic plans of scale 1:10,000. Cartographic base contains information about administrative-territorial division, populated areas, landscape elements, hydrographic objects and vegetation cover, railroads, street and road network and road structures, blocks and buildings of populated areas.

The information is converted in order to lighten and generalize the content, simplify its perception and interpretation.

2. The navigation information block represents the aggregate data on the addresses of capital buildings and structures, as well as on traffic conditions. The address component of the navigation map is formed based on the Address Register of the State Land Cadastre of the Republic of Belarus.

Information about the location of carriageways of street and road network elements and peculiarities of ground transport traffic organization is given in the road (route) graph layer. Geometry and attributes of road graph elements contain information necessary to select the optimal route: road category, presence and direction of one-way traffic, prohibition of manoeuvring, speed limit, design features, accessibility for certain types of vehicles.

3. Additional information includes priority service facilities include gas stations, road checkpoints, medical facilities, etc.

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