The Topographic and Geodesic Republican Unitary Enterprise "BELGEODEZIA" (state enterprise - "Belgeodesy") is a legal entity established by the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus (State Property Committee) and registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs for No. 100056229.

Address: 220029, Minsk, prosp. Masherova, 17.

The state enterprise "Belgeodesy" in its activity is guided by the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 14.07.2008 № 396-З "On geodetic and cartographic activities". decrees, decrees of the President of the Republic of Belarus, resolutions of the Government of the Republic of Belarus, acts of the State Property Committee of the Republic of Belarus, other acts of legislation, and the Charter of the enterprise.
The State Enterprise "Belgeodesy" is the leading enterprise in the industry that deals with all types of topographic and geodetic and land management works:

creation of topographic maps and plans of the entire scale series in digital and analog types;
creation of state and special geodetic networks of various accuracy;
updating and preparation for publication of topographic maps at a scale of 1: 10,000 - 1: 1,000,000 and topographic plans of settlements on a scale of 1: 500 - 1: 10,000;
creation of survey-topographical and other thematic maps; · Topographic survey of the area in the scale of 1: 500 - 1: 10 000;
geodetic control over the deformation of buildings and structures;
geodetic and topographic monitoring at geodynamic polygons in zones of technogenic danger;
removal and breakdown of facilities and engineering structures;
Engineering and geodetic surveys to determine the location and depth of the underground networks and main pipelines;
land management works on the establishment and restoration of the boundaries of land plots of landowners, land owners and land users.
In addition, the state enterprise "Belgeodesy" performs works related to the installation, installation and repair of fire-observation (precast-metal) towers and a match of any complexity, including the replacement of elements and structures, as well as their full or partial painting throughout the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

The state enterprise "Belgeodesy" carries out its activity on the basis of full economic calculation in accordance with the Charter approved by the order of the Chairman of the State Property Committee of January 31, 2014 No. 27, has an independent balance and acts on the principles of full economic calculation, on its own behalf concludes contracts, implements property and personal non-property rights, performs duties, can be a plaintiff and a defendant in the courts. State enterprise "Belgeodesy" includes field and cameral departments, administrative and economic personnel and management apparatus. Cameral production, administrative, technical and management apparatus of the enterprise are located in the administrative building at the address: 220029, Minsk, Prospekt Masherova, 17, building. 2. The administrative and economic part and the production base are located at: Minsk, ul. Olesheva, 12, and st. Olesheva, 10. The stationary production and repair base is located in Zaslavl.
2.1. The state enterprise "Belgeodesy" has highly qualified engineering and technical personnel, which has a great experience in conducting topographic and geodetic work. The enterprise currently employs 250 people who are graduates of the Moscow Institute of Geodesy, Aerial Photography and Cartography Engineers, Polotsk State University, the Belarusian State University, the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy, the Borisov Polytechnic College and other higher and secondary technical schools of the former Soviet Union.

In the structure of the state enterprise "Belgeodesy" there is a Laboratory for repair and calibration of measuring instruments with an accreditation certificate and a certificate of conformity. All measuring instruments have a certificate confirming metrological verification.

2.2. For the performance of work, field and field teams have at their disposal:

modern fleet of vehicles with increased terrain, numerous technical means and devices;
Precision geodetic instruments for planning and high-altitude geodesic determinations;
electronic total stations "Trimble 3305DR", "Trimble 3M TS", "Trimble 3605DR", "Nikon NPL-632", "Leica TCR 1201";