The uniqueness of the work performed

We are on the list of legal entities that ensure the functioning of strategically important sectors of economy and other important government needs!

Over 70 years of experience

During this time, we have performed a large amount of geodetic, topographic, photogrammetric and cartographic works in the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, Lithuania, Latvia, as well as countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America!

A team of professionals

We create geodetic networks of any level of complexity and accuracy, topographic maps and plans of all scales for any territory of the country!

Real-time positioning

We provide 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year continuous high-precision coordinate space for all interested users in the territory of the Republic of Belarus with the possibility of remote access to this data!

International standards

We use the best international practices and certified quality management system (ISO 9001:2015) for the development, production and sales of topographic and geodetic works and cartographic products!

Our partners

Tom Tom Global Content B.V.

Адрес: De Ruyterkade 154, 1011 AC Amsterdam, the Netherlands

EuroGeographics AISBL

Адрес: Head Office Rue du Nord 76 / Noordstraat 76 1000 Brussels BELGIUM

EUREF Dutch Expert Centre for Screening

Адрес: P.O. Box 6873 6503 GJ NIJMEGEN The Netherlands

Leica Geosystems AG

Адрес: Heinrich-Wild-Strasse CH-9435 Heerbrugg Switzerland

JSC Belaruskali

Адрес: 5 Korzha St., Soligorsk 223710

RUE Minsk National Airport

Адрес: Territory of the Minsk National Airport, Minsk, 220054, the Republic of Belarus

State Border Committee of the Republic of Belarus

Адрес: 24 Volodarskogo St., Minsk 220050

Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus

Адрес: 1 Kommunisticheskaya St., Minsk 220034

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