Observation of deformation of buildings and structures

Deformation of buildings and structures occurs under the impact of all kinds of external factors of both anthropogenic and natural origin. Geodetic monitoring of buildings and structures, timely detection of deformations and their remediation ensures the long-term operation of buildings and structures.
On complex structures, such observations are carried out at the beginning of their design, during which the necessary data are acquired to create a system of reference benchmarks and early determination of their stability status.
Further monitoring of deformations of buildings and structures is carried out both during construction and during operation. There are calendar geodetic observations (carried out systematically, according to the schedule), as well as urgent observations, which are carried out in case of occurrence of a factor that changes the usual course of deformation (changes in the load on foundation, groundwater level, etc.). They are carried out to take the necessary preventive measures to protect the structure. When measuring deformations, there are the following types of measured parameters:

  • Vertical displacements (yielding) - observations are made by geometric height measurement of the reference points embedded in the structure as compared to the initial reference points located outside the deformation area.
  • Horizontal displacement (shift) - observations are made of the horizontal displacement of the marks installed in the body of the structure, using the polar or transit method.
  • Tilting - observations are made of the tilt of the structure by projecting from the mark at the top of the structure to the mark at the bottom.

We perform the following contract-based work on request:

  • monitoring the deformation of buildings and structures under construction, as well as those in the zone of influence of construction;
  • observation of deformation of road structures (bridges, overpasses, and flyovers);
  • observation of deformation of industrial objects (chimneys, reservoirs, etc.).

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