Creation of electronic plans

The main result of topographic and geodetic works is the creation of a plan. All topographic plans produced by our company are provided to the customer in electronic form. The technology of electronic plans creation allows to avoid overlaying and drawing errors.
When creating electronic plans the following software products are used:

  • CREDO DAT - calculates and equates planimetric survey networks and calculates polar surveys.
  • AutoCAD - import of survey data obtained with CREDO DAT into AutoCAD environment, making and editing the plan.
  • AutoCAD + GeoniCS - creating a three-dimensional terrain model and contour lines rendering.

As a result, the customer receives the most precise topographic plan at the required scale. Upon the request of the customer, the plan can be presented in hard copy (on paper, tracing paper, film) as well as in electronic form.

Service line

Interested legal entity or individual should apply in writing directly to the company to sign a contract for the works.

To get a consultation

Tel.: +375 17 284 39 12
Head of Geodesy Department: Andrey A. Parkhomenko
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