Wall maps of cities: Gomel, Grodno, Minsk

The map of the city provides a detailed and accurate representation of the area necessary for the solution of tasks by all users, clearly identifies the main elements and objects, allows you to quickly assess the terrain and its properties.

An important means of increasing the visibility in our map is colour. The colour scheme of the map ensures the best colour contrast with the representation of operational information, statistics and other data.

Efficient communication of the map content is increased through a system of symbols, which transmit the maximum amount of information about the objects.

The three main advantages of the map are:

● accuracy;

● relevance;

● reliability.

Tariffs with indication of cities and possible sizes of wall maps:


Scale   Scale, mm         Price (BYN) 
     1:10 000     2000x3000  249.53
     1:11 000      1800x2700  215.64
     1:12 000      1700x2500  196.81


 Scale Scale, mm         Price (BYN)
     1:10 000      1800x1974       153.37
     1:12 000      1500x1645       117.86
     1:15 000      1200x1316       88.63


     Scale      Scale, mm        Price (BYN)
     1:7 000      4215x2699       452.69
     1:10 000      2952x1890       224.80
     1:11 000      2673x1712       185.45
     1:12 000      2460x1575       157.54
     1:15 000      1968x1260       102.90
     1:18 000      1640x1050       73.90

Note: cost of lamination is not included in the table.

It is possible to produce a map of an individual administrative district of the city.


  • plotted output;
  • available in Russian.

Our advantages:

  • constant monitoring of the terrain provides a high degree of information relevance;
  • custom sizes and colour solutions are possible, 
  • we can make a customized map with additional information provided by the customer.

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