Geodetic navigation support

The Company carries out work to support navigation, which includes geodetic surveying of airfield elements, radio navigation facilities, as well as surveying of obstacles.
The geodetic surveying of aerodrome elements and radio-navigation facilities includes the following surveys:

  • runways;
  • taxiways and aircraft parking areas;
  • all radio navigation antennas, both at the aerodrome and on the aircraft routes.

Obstacles identification and survey include the survey of towering objects in the aerodrome area in order to identify objects that protrude beyond the accepted obstacle limitation surfaces.
Upon completion of field work, we compile the reporting documents in accordance with international civil aviation requirements.

Service line

Interested legal entity should apply in writing directly to the company to sign a contract for the works, or a legal entity sends an invitation to the company to participate in a competitive bidding procedure.

To get a consultation

Tel.: +375 17 284-93-22
Head of High Precision Positioning Systems Division:
Valery M. Krasutsky

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