Executive survey of utility lines

The executive survey of underground utility lines is performed upon completion of construction works, before backfilling the trench. The result of the survey is an executive drawing of the utility built, which is required when commissioning to the operating organization. Geodetic surveying of underground utility lines and facilities is carried out to make reference to various utilities and determine where and how deep they are buried. In urban area, underground utility lines have a very high density, sewerage, water, electricity and other communications are almost everywhere, which is why this type of geodetic works should be carried out.

We perform the following contract-based work on request:

  • executive survey of utility lines;
  • executive survey of underground utility lines with commissioning to the operating organization;
  • control survey of utility lines during construction.

Service line

Interested legal entity or individual should apply in writing directly to the company to sign a contract for the works.

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