Creation of geodetic control networks

Geodetic control network is a system of points fixed on the ground and serving as control points for topographic surveying and geodetic measurements on the ground.
Geodetic control network is designed to be subsequently used in the geodetic support of construction and operation of a facility.
Geodetic connection of control points and their external design should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents. The centres of survey markers can be laid out by the customer or by surveyors of our company.

We carry out the following contract-based work upon customer's request:

  • creation of horizontal geodetic control networks of all classes and grades;
  • creation of high-altitude geodetic control networks of all classes;
  • creation of geodetic control networks and construction surveying layout using satellite geodetic system GPS, GLONASS and using the Satellite System for Precise Positioning of the Republic of Belarus (SSPP);
  • creation of special high-precision geodetic networks and a construction surveying layout; 
  • creation of survey geodetic and bridging networks;
  • creation of a geodetic construction network;
  • creation of a construction surveying layout for the construction of buildings, utility lines and roads;
  • seasonal observation of the existing construction surveying layout;
  • installation of beacon centres and benchmarks.

Service line

Interested legal entity or individual entrepreneur should apply in writing directly to the company to sign a contract for the works, or a legal entity sends an invitation to the company to participate in a competitive bidding procedure.

To get a consultation

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Head of Geodesy Department: Andrey A. Parkhomenko

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