Land Information System (LIS)

A land information system is a GIS with land and cadastral content.

LIS is created in the format of a personal ArcGIS geodatabase at a scale of 1:2,000 for the territory of large settlements and at a scale of 1:10,000 for the rest of the territory.
LIS consists of the following spatial and attributive data on land management, land cadastre and topography features of:

  • land plots, their boundaries and administrative and territorial affiliation;
  • areas of land use constraints;
  • information on land owners and land users;
  • types, subspecies and varieties of land, its reclamation condition and soil cover;
  • distribution of lands by categories, types of titles and land use constraints;
  • current changes in the composition and distribution of lands;
  • elements of spatial (topographic) base.

At present, the Goskartgeofond keeps LIS materials, including archival materials, for the entire territory of the Republic of Belarus.
LIS materials can be ordered for any fragment of the territory as a complete package, as well as individual layers.

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Head of the Centre: Kirill Y. Yuzefovich

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