Division, merger and change of boundaries of land plots

The service is provided upon written request and is performed by the company within the boundaries of Minsk region and the city of Minsk.
Division, merger, and change of boundaries of land plots are performed in accordance with the legal requirements and are possible with regard to land plots with fixed boundaries, as well as land plots in respect of which it is allowed to identify non-fixed boundaries, registered in the Unified State Register of real estate, rights thereto and transactions therewith, for which land users have received documents certifying their titles to the said property.

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Procedure for privately owned land plots:

Interested legal entity or individual should apply in writing directly to the company to sign a contract for the works. The request must be accompanied by copies of the documents confirming state registration of the legal entity or individual entrepreneur without notarization (or copies of the document containing individual's identification information), as well as copies of documents certifying the title to the land plot.

Work request for individuals.
Work request for legal entities.

Procedure for land plots owned by the state:

The service is provided for land plots that are in lifetime heritable tenure, permanent or temporary use, or lease.
The interested individual or legal entity should file a written request to a local executive committee which, if the division, merger, or change of boundaries of land plots is possible and will not lead to a violation of city planning regulations, environmental, fire protection, sanitary and other requirements, orders the executor of works to develop a draft division, merger (draft change of land plot borders) and to identify the boundaries resulting from such division or merger (change of boundaries).

Work request for individuals.
Work request for legal entities.

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